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Saturday, July 19, 2003
Missing anybody? Maybe this poor fella is him.
Okay, now that is blechy!


We just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean and it was REALLY cool.

The graphics were great, with the exception of seeing the skeletons move. I know, I know. . . Skeletons would be a little jerky in their movements, but they just weren't convincing. I bought into all the rest, even the changing back and forth which was VERY well done, but. . . Well, they just didn't really look like they were moving. I particularly noticed it when they were holding something, such as rope. Just not convincing.

Johnny Depp was fabulous as usual. Heaps of praise on his head. Orlando Bloom proved that he could act outside the Brotherhood--and quite well, too.

I wasn't expecting it to be a comedy, but it had some hilariously funny bits and some great memorable lines.

I highly recommend it, even with the jerky CGI skeletons.


Big Important Question

Despite having the resources of the entire World Wide Web at my fingertips, I am unable to find a answer to this question. . .

Why do olives have pimentos?

Can anybody help me? Please?
Friday, July 18, 2003
Bwa ha ha ha ha. . . serves the crooks right! (Read it here.)

Friday Five

Which comes to you courtesy of The Friday Five dot org, naturally!

Warning. . . these answers will probably seem a little boring!

1. When was the last time you cheated? I'm honestly not sure. I truly didn't cheat in school unless I took notes to an exam that I don't remember. I hate to sound like a goody-two shoes, but, um. . . I got my good grades honestly and haven't wanted to cheat in my adult life, either.
update--the thought of relationship cheating never even crossed my mind, when I looked at the question, until now, HOURS later! I honestly can't remember ever cheating on any of my boyfriends, unless you count the fact that the one before Stoney didn't seem to realize that it was over and that I had moved on. I've never ever and never ever would cheat on my Hubbie.

2. When was the last time you stole? Second grade I stole a lip gloss. Or somebody said that I did. It's been so long ago that I can't remember which way it really happened. Otherwise, if it's not mine, I don't want it.

3. When was the last time you lied? Well. . . that would be whenever the last time was that I told a telemarketer that I wasn't who he was asking for. . .

4. When was the last time you broke or vandalized another's property? I have NEVER vandalized or intentionally broken something. That is just SO yucky. I did sneak and throw away one of the Little Butterfly's books that I thought was inappropriate, if that counts, and will then LIE if she asks where it is.

5. When was the last time you hurt a loved one? I upset Stoney last weekend, though I didn't do it on purpose.

See, told you, rather boring. My vices lie outside these categories!

One last thing. . . this product is not only cool, but the advert is a hoot!
Okay, okay, I'm shutting up and going to bed now. Stoney's got to work in the morning and I'm babysittiing my six-year-old nephew, Dylan (no that's not his real name, it's his nickname and don't ask me why 'cause I haven't a clue) tomorrow and we're going to the zoo in the morning. Whew. That was a run on. I gotta stop reading the funny news and go to sleep. And I'm taking Stoney with me.
Typical. Typical of human being's ain't it?! Sheesh!
Can I just ask why in the world anyone would want to do this?
And I'm not THIS nutty, either!
Um. . . I may like my cats, but I don't think I'm THAT nutty. Look at what Stoney sent me.
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Captain Wentworth

Captain is generally a cautious bird. He likes to examine new toys before he lets them become a part of his life. However, once accepted, the toys are, literally, loved to death.

Plastic Chicken had his head broken completely after several months, another couldn't be found, so he was replaced with Boy. Now when Boy was on his last bit of plastic facial features, he was replaced with Fake Bird, as Boys were no longer to be had. Several Fake Birds have since bit the carpet and the time had come for Stoney and I to find a replacement, and, naturally, Fake Birds are extinct.

Tonight we brought home a new version of Fake Bird--Fake Bird on a Spring, henceforth known as New Fake Bird. We placed New Fake Bird below his house, so he could get a good look at him. Usually it takes several days before Captain will show any interest in anything new, but New Fake Bird must have sassed him right off, because Captain couldn't take his eyes off of him.

On a whim, we sat New Fake Bird on top of the house, where Captain sits when we are home. He was, to our shock and gratification, an instant success! Here he is, explaining the Rules of the Roost to New Fake Bird.


My Good Man. . .

. . . notices not only that my toenails are painted--he even notices when I change the color!


Our Cats

They are a little like children, you know, can't give anyone a moment's privacy, closed doors have to be opened. . .

Which is why my, um, private time in the bathroom was shared by two cats.

Proud StepMamma

The Butterfly has been taking swimming lessons this summer. She's doing great and we aren't the only ones who think so. . . She was asked to be on the swim team today! I'm so proud of her that I had to share it with the world!
Stoney's still at work. Worked late last night. Went in at nearly midnight the night before. Was called in Saturday morning at 3 am and got home just in time to go to Guard.

Have I ever mentioned that he works for the Prince of Darkness himself? Well, he does.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.


Thanks to Joni and to DaGoddess for saying such nice things about me here.

Worst Writing Awards

How cool is that? I think I'd like to try my hand at winning the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest!

Here's the first place winner, written by Mariann Simms:
"They had but one last remaining night together, so they embraced each other as tightly as that two-flavor entwined string cheese that is orange and yellowish-white, the orange probably being a bland Cheddar and the white ... Mozzarella, although it could possibly be Provolone or just plain American, as it really doesn't taste distinctly dissimilar from the orange, yet they would have you believe it does by coloring it differently"
(quote taken directly from this article)

They reported that the best of the worst were those who rambled on about stuff, you know started the sentence with one idea and ended it with another. Um, I, uh, I do that all the time. . . Though maybe not in one sentence, and I of course, just refer to it as loosing my train of thought. . .

Yep, I'm going to enter next year!

Well. . . the Movable Type dealie is just not working. So, I've updated this page. It will work, once my webpage comes back up. *sigh* Now my serever is down. You know, the one that supports all my photos and backgrounds and all that. I'm telling ya, blogging and I are having a lot of trouble lately!
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A Day Late. . .

So far this week, I've stayed a day late on everything I've tried to do, so why not continue the trend?

Yesterday's edition of This or That Tuesday, courtesy of

1. Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? Oh, Daffy Duck for certain! No question about it. Stoney introduced me to the best Daffy Duck cartoon ever, Duck Amuck, and I've been a fan ever since. Of course, The Rabbit of Seville is awfully funny, too, and is Bugs at his best. . . Nope, I still say Daffy. It's the temper that does it.

2. Tom or Jerry? I've always felt kinda sorry for poor ol' Tom. He takes so much from that little rodent!

3. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? Well, neither really. Mickey's voice irritates the heck out of me and Donald when mad isn't nearly as funny as Daffy--he just seems postal, not funny. I guess the lesser of the two evils would be Mickey.

4. Rocky & Bullwinkle or Boris & Natasha? I have never watched a show all the way through, only seen bits and pieces, so I'll have to pass on that one.

5. Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote? Wile E. acourse. He's so funny and determined and he just never learns!

6. Sylvester or Tweety? Sylvester, solely because my cat, General Patton, is an exact, though gray, replica of Sylvester--down to the funny little (well, big) feet.

7. Popeye or Bluto? Never cared for the Popeye shows, so, I'll have to pass on this one too.

8. South Park or The Simpsons? Never watched South Park, but, when in the right mood, I find the Simpsons really funny.

9. Jetsons or Flintstones? Jetsons cuz of all the cool computers and machines and stuff.

10. And finally, the eternal question asked by all good Scooby-Doo fans: Velma or Daphne? I always liked Velma, because she was smart and not pretty and I was smart and not pretty. Plus, I'd rather hang out with Shaggy than Fred, so it stands to reason that I'd like Velma best.

Monday, July 14, 2003
Should have my Movable Type back in a day or two. I'm waiting to post my next Historical Hottie until it's up. (No, Stoney, honey, I'm not putting any pressure on you. I can wait to blog. . . . )

I've moved my sites over to another web host that can support it so that Cheap Web Hosting US can't accuse me of killing their server any more. Stoney moved his, too, as a protest. He takes up for me quite nicely!

He's having a ton of fun with John Kerry (of the "oh I'm so proud of the photo that my Mommy snapped of me standing in the same room with John Lennon" fame) and has added his own versions here and here.

Yeah, I'm proud of my Stoney. . . who wouldn't be?!
Sunday, July 13, 2003

Bedtime Story continued

Stoney has taken over the history bedtime reading, and so the Butterfly is learning about Vikings now. He's been telling her that they weren't as bad as they've been made out to be, but that they got "bad press".

I don't know who's funnier. . . Me for explaining Hannibal's elephantine march with a map, him for expounding on Viking bad press or her for listening so intently to us both!

I know this much though, I love them both even more'n ever as I sit here listening to their bedtime story.

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