Life in Queen Medb's Castle
Sunday, May 11, 2003
After reading my latest post, Stoney is assuring me that he "did his best" to help. And, I have to admit, that he did eventually wake up and check it out for me, so. . . I'll return his Knight in Shining Armor title.
Oh, yeah, I did have some excitement this week, though not a mishap. . .

Early Friday morning, I awoke to the sound of someone squirting a spray bottle in our hallway. Naturally, I was scared spitless. I mean, who wouldn't be, if they knew that there was some psychopath in the hallway with a spray bottle!

After FINALLY getting Stoney to wake up, he assured me that it was outside. Well, that didn't ease my mind much. . . At least the psycho was outside, but what the heck was s/he doing with a spray bottle.

I eventually convinced Stoney of the need to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, which he did. And proceeded to laugh at me a little. It was a very large cow having a very late night snack in our yard. But, he had to admit, she DID sound like a spray bottle being squirted. It was just the oddest thing!

Of course, I learned, yet again, that in a middle of the night crisis, my husband is not necessarily quick to come to my rescue. . . . *rolls eyes*
It's been a wonderful Mother's Day. I had a sweet call from my Little Butterfly, a wonderful and sentimental gift from Stoney and a new copy of NOLF 2 from Captain, General and Cleopatra. Plus, we've had a very relaxing and pleasant, though not long enough, weekend. No grave mishaps this week--last Saturday I nearly sat the kitchen on fire by having a potholder too close to the stove eye. It went up in flames and I paniced. Luckily, Stoney was on hand to take care of it for me. *rolls eyes*

We watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" last night. It was pretty good, for a girl movie. *G* This afternoon we watched "Reign of Fire"--it had some great film work and special effects.

School's drawing to a close. . . I'll really miss some of my little fellas when they go to a different school next year!

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