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Saturday, April 12, 2003
These were previously posted on my first blog, but I've decided to use this one instead, so I moved them over!

4/12/03 06:56:59pm
Well, my feelings on the Stupid Lawnmower have softened a little bit. It's had an incredibly hard day today. 'Member how it wouldn't start and so I left it in the yard so Stoney would notice it and try to start if for me. . . . When I backed out of the driveway to go to the grocery store, I, uh, backed into it. I heard a crash-y sound, panicked, jumped out of the car to look, expecting to find smushed cat, but instead, I found the little red mower. It had rolled on down the yard, behind my car, and I didn't notice it when I got in the car. *sigh* Didn't seem to dent it or my car or do anything else other than scare the poo out of me, but still! Sheesh! So, I rolled it back up in the yard and left for the store. I was nearly home when Stoney called me and said "Angel, you're gonna kill me. . . " "Why, honey? What's wrong?!" "I broke your new lawn mower. . . " "Oh." It seems that when he came home, he started it right up (darn that mower for starting right up for him and not for me!) and proceeded to mow over something near the garage. The mower gave a groan and then gave up the ghost. So. . . I wonder how much it'll cost to get it fixed? Poor Ol' Lawn Mower!

Decided that, for the sake of General's health, I really needed to try to get some of the paint off of him. He took it rather well. Didn't bite or scratch or anything. Just looked real pitiful and tried to get away. Funny how much smaller he looks with his fur all wet. *sniggers*

04/12/03 02:55:15pm
Unfortunately, the Stupid Lawnmower wasn't my only problem today. . . . I decided to paint the picnic table, you see, which I had been meaning to do for weeks now. I got my brush and my paint and a screwdriver to open the can and outside I went! Once opened, I realized that the paint would have to be stirred. The stick I tried first got bark in the paint. The styrofoam piece I tried next broke off. I got a large wooden spoon from the kitchen and it worked great! Of course, now I can never use it again, but I was ready to paint. Almost. I went back into the house and got a styrofoam plate to pour the paint in, and started painting. I went back into the house and got some newspaper to put under the table (hope Stoney wasn't planning on reading it anytime. . . ). I went back into the house (frantically) to get the number for the Emergency Vet Clinic. Good news! A cat will NOT die from having paint dripped on him. As long as he doesn't ingest it, which General didn't, it will be okay. They told me to try washing it off with soap and dish detergent, but they don't know my General Patton! Back to painting. Painted over a spider and felt REALLY bad. Didn't call the vet though. Finally finished painting the table, and me, and the wire brush, and some rocks and pretty much the entire patio, and went to wash out my brush. No turpintine. Oh well, they're cheap, I'll just buy another if the urge to paint ever slaps me again. . . Now, how to get it off me. And before Stoney gets home. Oh well, I've got about 2 hours before he gets home. That's enough time to get clean and create another mess to greet him!

04/12/03 02:22:19pm
Today is the first day it hasn't rained all week! Since my husband (a/k/a Stonewall, or Stoney for short) is gone to Guard I thought, Hey! I'll go and mow the yard! I went and got my nice new lawnmower out of the basement, it's only been used once, and started it up. Well, TRIED to start it up. And tried. And tried. I primed and pulled the cord and primed and pulled the cord and. . . well, you get the picture. Stupid mower! I left it right smack dab in the middle of the yard, almost in the driveway, so Stoney will see it when he comes home. Maybe HE can make it start. Stupid lawnmower! If it wasn't such a pretty, shiny, red lawnmower, I'd have chucked it in the gully!

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